Young woman rappells from the rock, Alatau Guide

One week climbing course

Get all necessary skills to climb safely and independently.

Every Spring and Autumn we hold climbing camps at Tamgaly Tas near Almaty. Tamgaly Tas is a best developed rock climbing destination in Cental Asia. The goal of the courses is to teach people to climb independently in a safest way.

First we run thru climbing techique on a toprope. Then switch to leading on easy ground. Eventually get to multipitch climbing, when a team of two or three people climbs a route more than one pitch long.

During the course we teach how to aviod hairy situations and what to do, if something go wrong. With this cnoweledge you’ll be prepared to the most situations which could occure on a sport or multipitch route.

Participants stay in a tent camp near Ili river. There is no infrastructure such as hotels or huts—only tents.

For the ones who already familiar with basic skills we provide trad calimbing courses. Trad climbig skills will allow you to climb more securely in the mountains, climb in a places where no bolted routes exist or simply to one of the most classic disciplines in rock climbing.