Ice Climbing, Alatau Guide

Ice Climbing

There are few ice climbing routes around Almaty and many in Kyrgyzstan.

Kirill Belotserkovskiy and his guest Ivan climbing Barskoon waterfall, Alatau Guide
For all levels


Ice climbing in Barskoon valley of Kyrgyzstan offers the best ice climbing in Central Asia.

Ice Climbing at Butakovskiy Waterfall, Alatu Guide
For all levels


Stay in the city at night, climb frozen waterfalls during the day.

Kirill Belotserkovskiy climbs alpine ice route, Alatau Guide

Alpine ice

Alpine and mixed routes in Tuyuk-Su valley are available year-round (except for mid-spring).

Waterfall ice climbing here is possible from January till April, while alpine ice routes are available most of the year, except for the mid-spring avalanche season.