Alpine Climbing, Alatau Guide

Alpine climbing

Mountain climbing in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. From easy scrambles, to serious routes.

We have deep roots in alpine climbing. We grew up as an alpinists in Tyan-Shan mountains and know them well. Whatever type of experience you want to get, we are here to help with it.

Alpine climbing in Almaty, Alatau GUide
Best for novices

Two days package

One day of practice on the rocks or ice, and one day to climb an unforgettable mountain.

Climbing with a guide in Kazakhstan, Alatau Guide
For the ones with experience

One day climb

Gather in the hut in the evening, climb a mountain in the morning. This program is suitable for complete novices as well as for advanced mountaineers.

Easy scramble on spectacular ridge, Alatau Guide
For all levels

One week course

During a week you’ll learn a handful of tricks to make your climbing safer and reacher and will climb several mountains.

Most of the routes are accessible all year round.
Summer climbing season starts at May and last until October. Winter season usually begins in November and closes in March due to the avalanche danger.

To arrange your climbing adventure send us a message at or find your preferred messenger in Contacts.