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About Alatau Guide

It’s all about people, right? So here we are.

Hi, I’m Kirill Belotserkovskiy—a guy behind Alatau Guide.

I love all climbing-related activities: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and scrambling. For the last twenty years, I have climbed around my hometown—Almaty, Kazakhstan. During that time, I climbed almost every route in the area, made some twenty first ascents, and wrote and published two guidebooks: Rock and Alpine. So, I know where to find the safest and most memorable routes in every season.
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Often, I Invite my friends Igor and Natalya to help me.

Igor Malkin is an avid alpinist and skier. He is a certified mountaineering instructor who has been a guide and instructor for the last five years. He is the calmest person in our company.
Igor’s Facebook and Instagram (as calm as he is)

Natalya Salnikova is also a certified mountaineering and ski instructor. Her meticulous approach to every climb impresses even us, even though we are long-time friends and colleagues.
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