Ice Climbing at Butakovskiy Waterfall, Alatu Guide

Ice Climbing in Almaty

Ice climbing courses in Almaty—the biggest city in Kazakhstan.

Almaty is hard to call the Ice Climbing Capital, but there is some ice here. One-day outings for beginners and one-week courses for advanced climbers.

Ice Climbing near Almaty, Alatau Guide
Best for novices

Two days package

One day of practice on lower-angled ice and one day to climb something steeper. Availability highly depends on conditions.

Ice Climbing at Butakovskiy Waterfall, Alatu Guide
For the ones with experience

One day climb

Depending on your abilities and current conditions, we can climb one of a few waterfalls around the city.

Kirill Belotserkovskiy below the hanging icicle, Alatau Guide
For all levels

One week course

With some fantasy and luck, it’s possible to spend a week climbing different ice routes here.

The Ice Season starts in December and lasts till March. With a tiny bit of fantasy, it’s possible to climb different routes for a few days. Some alpine ice is there all year round.
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