If you want to climb two or three mountains and learn plenty of new skills—no look further—this course has it all.

During the week, we’ll be mixing learning classes and climbing mountains in proportion to make your time as interesting as possible.

The basic program could look like this:
Day 1. A short talk on Safety Techniques. Learn basic knots. Scrambling on easy terrain on the rocks. Toproping.
Day 2. Climb easy but spectacular North ridge of Pik Pamayat.
Day 3. Rappelling and more top roping. Intro to installing and removing protection points.
Day 4. Climb Amangeldy or Asker via 2A routes. The former is further and higher (3999), while the later is more aesthetical.
Day 5. Basics of lead climbing and easy lead climbs.
Day 6. Climb a mountain we’ll choose. At this point, we’ll have an idea of what is the most interesting for you.
Day 7. A reserve. We can use it as a rest day somewhere in between the climbs and classes or do more classes or climbs.